For those of you that are just looking for an escape away from the

 fast pace of technological life there are still activities for you to enjoy. Such as sitting around the campfire for the day taking in the local scenery while enjoying a good book or taking a stroll around camp to see what is hidden right under ones nose. With no interruptions from cell phones, computers, TVs and the general hustle and bustle of every day city life. Maybe you want to just sit back and take a deep breath of clean mountain air.

The next day you will wake up to the smell of fresh  brewed coffee and a piping hot breakfast. As you venture from your canvas cabin you might surprise an elk, deer or even a moose that was moseying through camp or the meadow. After breakfast you can sit back and take it easy and have another cup of coffee while the guide saddles your horse or for those who like to be more involved you are more than welcome to help groom and saddle your own mount. Then we're off down the trail for a day full of adventure. We have several activities that we offer and since this is your vacation please let us know what you desire during your getaway.

Our Hagan Ridge camp is nestled in the pines along side a grassy meadow with a lazy stream meandering through the grass and wildflowers. You start your adventure by arriving at camp from mid to late afternoon. This gives you time to settle in and explore the blissful surroundings, meet your hosts and guides, and most important to become acquainted with the mount that will be your trail companion for your getaway. In the evenings, everyone gravitates towards the Gospel Dome cook tent, the heart and soul of the camp, to sit down to a nice hot western style dinner topped off with, home made dessert. Afterwards, you can sit by the fire and listen to the nightlife of the forest or retire early to get a good nights rest before starting the next day's adventure.

After the days adventure, we’ll return to camp for a hearty down home country dinner. After the wonderful Dutch oven dinner, kick back in our comfortable chairs and observe the Blue Jays and Camp Robbers stopping by for an evening snack. It is hard to resist the pull of the warm glow and radiant heat of the open campfire. As the day fades into a spectacular night with a sky so full of glittering stars they seem close enough to reach out and touch. You might even hear a distant howl of a coyote or wolf as nightfall brings the end to another peaceful day in Idaho's magnificent back country.

Take a step back in time and enjoy the country just as the early settlers did. Although this is a total wilderness experience our back-country camps have many of the comforts of home. You will reside in canvas cabins with  vinyl flooring, you sleep on comfortable foam padded cots, and there are wood burning stoves for those chillier nights that you may need a little extra warmth.