Wilderness explanation:

   This means that there are two forms of transportation, foot or horseback. No chainsaws, no bicycles, no four- wheelers or wheeled carts.

1 Question

Where do you hunt?


We hunt in central Idaho Gospel Hump Wilderness north of the Salmon river.

2 Question

What is your shot opportunity?


Our shot opportunity normally runs 70% to 75%. That’s a legal bull at 200 yards or less. The season is a bull only area. A legal bull is at least one antler 6 inches or longer.

3 Question

How does the tags work in Idaho?


Idaho has 29 elk zones. We keep track of our area only. We have allocated tags, If you book with us we guarantee  your elk tags Deer, bear, and Mountain Lion are available. Moose and Big Horn sheep are on a draw system. As part of our service we can purchase your license and tags for you and have them at the trail head when you arrive.

4 Question

What caliber of gun is needed?


The caliber of gun we recommend is a 30 caliber or larger. We feel that the 270 is to light. A 7 mm is ok but at close range it does not expand as well as we like to see.The most important thing is that you are comfortable and accurate with your gun up to 200 yards. Your bullet should retain around 90 % of it’s body weight and expand well.

5 Question

Do you hunt out of camp on horseback.


It depends upon your guide. The guide goes where he thinks your best opportunity will be for that day. He may walk or ride out of camp or even go out and spend the night at our spike camp.

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