We are only selling 100 ticket for the elk hunt raffle. Each ticket sells for $75 each. When all tickets are sold the drawing will be done. We will video the drawing and make it available for all to see. The raffle will take place no longer than 2 show seasons, March of 2018, if at that time all the tickets are not sold all monies will be returned to everyone that purchased a raffle ticket. Although I do believe that they will be sold by the end of this show season.

1. The raffle will take place no longer than 2 show seasons, March 2018.

2. The raffle will cover the elk hunt, license., elk tag, and Idaho sales tax.

3. Hunt choice will be for any open hunt that is available.

4. The winner will have the option of taking the hunt the year of the drawing or the following year.

5. If the winner cannot make the hunt they may offer it to another person.

6. The winner will provide all necessary information for us to obtain tag and license.

7. We will personally contact the winner.

8. If you purchase a hunt to lock in a spot and win the drawing all money put down on the hunt will be returned to the winner or put towards another hunt.

Here is the best part of the raffle. If you put in for the raffle and do not win it and would still like to purchase a hunt we will take the $75 off the price of your hunt.



Carry Spencer

For those who bought a raffle ticket and did not win but would still like to hunt with us we offering a special discount. Call for details and openings.