14 Question

How do I get my meat home?


What we suggest is, to ship your clothes and gun home standard ups shipping. Then take your meat home on the plane with you. The Kopper Kettle restaurant that is next to the airport allows our hunters to store their meat in their freezer until their flight out.

Or you can overnight your meat home ups.

15 Question

When is the best time to hunt during the season?


We consider all 57 days of our season as good elk hunting.  The first three hunts we typically take the the bigger bulls. Because this is during the rut. The 4th and 5th hunt you have more of a chance of running into snow. This makes hiking harder but gives you good tracking ability. It does not decrease you chance of getting into the elk. The 6th and 7th hunt is in our lower camp this is better for the deer and elk combination hunt. The bucks are in rut at this time and if we get enough snow in our upper camp it pushes those elk towards our lower camp and into their wintering grounds.

  In the 15 year I have been operating in this area I have seen each of the hunt weeks alternated to being the best hunt. We never know which camp or week will produce the best animals from year to year, due to weather and other conditions out of our control.


What can I expect out of the weather?


The weather is unpredictable vist camp temp page  

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